The fastest and easiest way to get anything delivered!

Global brands, small businesses and individuals are using Prongo to deliver everything from food, gifts, medicines, beauty products, clothes ... anything really!

We save customer’s time and money with fast, flexible, and reliable last mile delivery.

Automatic Updates

Stay informed through timely mobile notifications that inform you when your package is delivered, the status of your package, promotion codes, loyalty tiers etc.

Instant, Transparent Pricing

Receive an instant price quote before placing your order. Your price is calculated by our proprietary algorithm which factors in distance, urgency of delivery and customer loyalty.

Easy Ordering & Tracking

Book your delivery in a few-clicks! Track your order, rider, payments through your mobile in seconds.

Save Money

Discounts, loyalty rewards, next day delivery discounts, promo codes! Many ways to save money with Prongo.

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